Alice Takes Back Wonderland: Review

Alice is having a rough day. I told the doctors I didn’t believe ADHD was real. They told me they didn’t believe Wonderland was real. Just when she thinks she’s back to normal, she sees the White Rabbit at her house. Has she gone mad again? Yes and no. Because we’re all mad here. Alice […]

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I Call Myself A Feminist: Review + Tour Stop

I Call Myself A Feminist is the book I have been waiting for my entire life. I didn’t grow up in a feminist household. I’m always told that: “Girls can’t get into the engineering field because it’s too difficult.” “Girls have only themselves to blame if they’re sexually assaulted.” “Girls must get all dolled up […]

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Kitchens of the Great Midwest: Review

  Eva Thorvald is not your typical kid. At eleven years old, she hangs out with adults and has a passion (an understatement) for cooking. She grows vegetables in her bedroom and has a freakishly high tolerance for spicy food.  Each chapter is narrated by a different character. It starts off with Eva as a […]

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The Little Paris Bookshop: Review

Jean has an interesting job: he sells books to help his customers. Not to earn a quick buck, but genuinely help them overcome their Kryptonite. Anxiety, lovesick, you name it. There is always something for everyone. Except Jean himself. For 20 years, he’s been nursing a broken heart. After receiving a goodbye letter from the […]

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The Twelve Dates of Christmas: Review + Tour Stop

Our protagonist needs to embark on 12 dates (hence the title) and puke on a ferris wheel to find happiness. The Twelve Dates of Christmas has, by far, the best author bio and book dedication. Let me start off by saying that this chick lit is unexpectedly funny. NSFW: the bit about Claudia’s soon-to-be-ex’s sex […]

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