JJ’s Science Adventure Magnets: Review

My 9-year-old second cousin dislikes Science. You’d think that she hates school, but you couldn’t be more wrong. She loves it. She’s an overachiever in my eyes, and she never fails to score straight As for her exams. During the car rides, we would play spelling and multiplication games. I’d always win, but I have a feeling […]

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The 3rd Woman: Review + Tour Stop

Once I know what happened, and who did this to Abigail, then I’ll start mourning. But not before. Madison Webb is devastated by her baby sister’s death. If there’s one thing she knows, it’s this: she did not die from a heroin overdose.  Bereavement was bad enough, Maddy reflected. To blame yourself must be a double […]

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Flask of the Drunken Master: Review + Tour Stop

In the third book of the Shinobi Mystery series, Master ninja Hiro Hattori and his companion Father Mateo are back with another grisly murder investigation. The problem: they have only four days to solve it.  Father Mateo’s “love of truth” and Hiro’s “selective honesty” make them a powerful pair. The relationship between them is really similar to […]

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